jars for my forefathers

Check out these awesome jars that creatures fan Jenni made with my monsters! Thanks for sharing.

Sorry for the lack of LJ posts, I have been hard at work on a new site with integrated blog and fancy dangly bits. It will be up in about two weeks, and I should be able to set it up to cross-post to livejournal for the lazy / unwilling to change among you!

Look for it in about two weeks!


San Francisco Treats

I recently took my first trip out to San Francisco for an opening at Gallery 1988. Here are a few pics I took, there are a few more over on flickr. You can see the artwork from the show over here, hopefully one of you has an 8' wall just begging for a giant monster.

paintings in situ
Thursday I did some set up, mostly rebuilding my stretchers and stretching the canvas.

Ferocious J
Friday morning after some canvas tweaking it was dumpling time at House of Nanking with Ferocious J.

street art
Spent the rest of Friday walking around town, saw some nice street art and galleries in the Mission.
Ended up stopping by Super 7 to say hello to Brian.

imaginary friends show
Then it was show time!

imaginary friends show
My friend Kelly stopped in to say a surprise hello.

Hopefully everyone had a good time, the festivities were somewhat dampened by the large spontaneous Prop 8 protest happening a few blocks away. For some reason people seem to think that standing up for equal human rights is more important than an art show, the nerve!

I hope to make it back to San Francisco some time for more than 48 hours, it seemed like a lovely city.

And now, go eat more corn syrup.

"King of Corn"

Attention San Francisco!

Hello San Francisco (and immediate area) residents (and imposters)!

I will be coming to your lovely city for the first time! There is a little art show at a gallery that I have a few pieces in, I hope that you can make it to the opening so that I may say hello to you! I will have a few framed creature drawings for sale, along with a medium sized painting (pictured below) and a very large painting (sorta pictured below). Suggestions on things to do for a day in SF are welcome!


Imaginary Friends at Gallery 1988 San Francisco
November, 7th - 29th, 2008

Opening Reception: Friday, November 7 (7-10PM)
1173 Sutter Street (At Polk), San Francisco, CA 94109

Featuring works from Me, Cherri Wood, Israel Sanchez, Ken Garduno, Scott Campbell and Yoskay Yamamoto

Andrew Bell / Imaginary Friends

you never call, you never write

Hello lovely livejournal, sorry I have neglected you recently. I have been busy. Here is a very brief photo retrospective of the last month while I catch up with many many other things...

Firstly me and Miss MRS J got all married and stuff, it was pretty awesome...

Then I went to a far away land for a few weeks. ..
view in fiji

I met Death while I was away. He was hidden under this frog...
IKEA Flat-pack frog

Death followed me home, and then commanded me to kill in New York...
Andrew Bell signing in kidrobot new york

And then he forced me to fly to Chicago the next day, early in the morning, to kill again...
andrew bell signing kidrobot chicago
Death is kind of a jerk.

Then when I got back from Chicago it was time to unleash my Threadless Select line shirt entitled EAT SHIRT AND DIE! I did not give one to Death.
Eat Shirt and Die

And now I am posting to my livejournal...



Sorry it has been a while, my tweets have satisfied a lot of my blogging desires, also I am busy/lazy.

Jeremiah The Innocent vinyl

This last week I finally picked up my sample Jeremiah the Innocent vinyl figures from Jeff at ATARMS. It was nice to be able to be a part of the project.

A while back I had helped Jeff work out the colorways, we went over Pantone swatches and I did some digital mockups and the physical painting on one of the resin prototypes for the factory to reference. The final products came out great!

For those who might not be familiar, the figure is based off of Daniel Johnston's famous 1983 "unfinished album" cover, you may have seen it on a t-shirt often donned by Kurt Cobain (before that whole explodey head thing he did). They come in green, yellow/orange, pink and white, all very much in line with colors that Daniel uses in much of his artwork. He stands about 11 3/4 inches tall on top of a separate tree stump, and comes in a beautiful box. His eye-stalks are reinforced with wire so you can even pose them! You can pick one up at Toy Tokyo (search for Jeremiah) and some other retailers around the internets / world for around $99, there are a few signed ones on Daniel's site for a little more.

If you haven't seen the excellent documentary "The Devil and Daniel Johnston" I suggest you pick up a copy, I think you will enjoy it.

Jeremiah The Innocent with Dumpling of Doom
Get this thing off me!

Jeremiah The Innocent Prototype
hand-painted prototype in my messy studio

SDCC08 Goodies Roundup!

This Tuesday (07/22) I am off the International Comic-Con in San Diego through the end of the week!

Come say hello to me at booth #1335 & 1337. I will be there daily along with Dumbrella friends Jon Rosenberg of Goats, Rich Stevens of Diesel Sweeties, and Sam Brown of explodingdog plus special guest stars including puzzle maker extrodinaire Chris Yates, nerdcore rap maven MC Frontalot, Octopus Pie cooking Meredith Gran, and to top it all off Scott McCloud and Wil Wheaton will be stopping in to sign things and meet people.

A signing schedule will be posted outside the booth, but I believe I will be signing at least Thurs through Saturday around noon. Subject to change!

Thursday the 24th, 2:30-3:30 we have a panel discussion, which is usually just an hour-long Q&A and stupidity! Room 3.

We'll all be selling wonderful things so that we may continue to eat cake after paying back the nice people of the convention who charge us a lot of money to be there.

Here is a near full lineup of the items I will have available, along with prices. Unless otherwise noted, all items should be available starting preview night Wednesday and through the end of the show or when they sell out, whichever comes first!

Giver of War

The Giver of War: Dead Zebra Edition, vinyl figure limited edition of 100, only about 40 available at the con.
[ detail view ] [ rear view ]

The Giver of Disease : Gangrene and The Giver of War: Red Scare (editions of 300) will be on display but not for sale, they should be hitting shops two weeks or so after the con for around $60.

Bottle with a Bear Problem, 50 piece hand-cut and painted puzzle
6 different versions of this new puzzle designed by me and produced by Chris Yates
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