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A few important things today! First up, the reason I haven't answered e-mail in about two weeks:

Click the giant pic for more information on my next solo art show! It's coming up sooner than I'd like.. busy busy!

Second up.. In order stay focused while I work furiously to finish up my paintings, drawings and sculptures for my show in Chicago, I have come up with a plan.. I need a Nintendo Wii. I'm going to put the still-wrapped Wii box, on top of my TV, where I will see it every single day. On the box will be a note, reminding me that I have to finish all of the artwork for my Chicago show before I can open the Wii box.

Now, I have no Wii, nor the funds to acquire one... so, the first person to send me a Wii system will get a "big box of awesome" in return and the satisfaction that you are simultaneously motivating me to work hard and driving me completely mad. How is that for a plan?

Speaking of toy books (as I was in the last post), I forgot to mention that I am also featured in Kidrobot's shiny hardcover toy book entitled "I Am Plastic", it can be found at KR and various book shops, my work is on pages 286-289.
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