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you never call, you never write

Hello lovely livejournal, sorry I have neglected you recently. I have been busy. Here is a very brief photo retrospective of the last month while I catch up with many many other things...

Firstly me and Miss MRS J got all married and stuff, it was pretty awesome...

Then I went to a far away land for a few weeks. ..
view in fiji

I met Death while I was away. He was hidden under this frog...
IKEA Flat-pack frog

Death followed me home, and then commanded me to kill in New York...
Andrew Bell signing in kidrobot new york

And then he forced me to fly to Chicago the next day, early in the morning, to kill again...
andrew bell signing kidrobot chicago
Death is kind of a jerk.

Then when I got back from Chicago it was time to unleash my Threadless Select line shirt entitled EAT SHIRT AND DIE! I did not give one to Death.
Eat Shirt and Die

And now I am posting to my livejournal...


NYCC Releases!

I'll be at NY ComicCon with some of my friends from Dumbrella at booth #2731! Just wanted to give a heads up on some of the more exciting things I'll have there:

DO NOT EAT a NEW 204 page book with 6 postcards inside! Advance copy sales!
MSRP $18, only $15 at the con.

100% FRESH a new giclee print, 12"x12" edition of 100. Signed/Numbered.

MSRP $35, only $30 at the con.

KILL THE MUSIC a new t-shirt, 4 color print on white regular Dead Zebra brand or bella babydoll.

MSRP $20, only $17 at the con.

Along with some other fun things!

More pics of the book and print on flickr

Can't make it to NYCC? Fear not, the book and print will be hitting retailers in May.

Work for free! Just like me!

Are you in college and in need of something to do this summer because having fun and partying is just too boring? Well luckily, I'm looking for a production assistant intern! If you know someone in NYC looking for an internship in a creative environment please pass the info along. Bonus if they are currently enrolled in a school such as SVA or Parsons where they can do an internship and earn credits at the same time.

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