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SDCC08 Goodies Roundup!

This Tuesday (07/22) I am off the International Comic-Con in San Diego through the end of the week!

Come say hello to me at booth #1335 & 1337. I will be there daily along with Dumbrella friends Jon Rosenberg of Goats, Rich Stevens of Diesel Sweeties, and Sam Brown of explodingdog plus special guest stars including puzzle maker extrodinaire Chris Yates, nerdcore rap maven MC Frontalot, Octopus Pie cooking Meredith Gran, and to top it all off Scott McCloud and Wil Wheaton will be stopping in to sign things and meet people.

A signing schedule will be posted outside the booth, but I believe I will be signing at least Thurs through Saturday around noon. Subject to change!

Thursday the 24th, 2:30-3:30 we have a panel discussion, which is usually just an hour-long Q&A and stupidity! Room 3.

We'll all be selling wonderful things so that we may continue to eat cake after paying back the nice people of the convention who charge us a lot of money to be there.

Here is a near full lineup of the items I will have available, along with prices. Unless otherwise noted, all items should be available starting preview night Wednesday and through the end of the show or when they sell out, whichever comes first!

Giver of War

The Giver of War: Dead Zebra Edition, vinyl figure limited edition of 100, only about 40 available at the con.
[ detail view ] [ rear view ]

The Giver of Disease : Gangrene and The Giver of War: Red Scare (editions of 300) will be on display but not for sale, they should be hitting shops two weeks or so after the con for around $60.

Bottle with a Bear Problem, 50 piece hand-cut and painted puzzle
6 different versions of this new puzzle designed by me and produced by Chris Yates
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Goin back to Cali, to Cali, to Cali

One last post on my way out the door to sunny San Diego and the 2007 International Comic Con, and then off to LA for an art show! I will be back on duty the second week of August. Site will update every other day while I am away.

Things I'll have for sale at the Dumbrella booth (1335/337)

- Toys: Black Lotus Kanser vinyl toy, a few ZLIKS sets
- T-Shirts: Senor Squid, Dance Dance Dance, Block of the Dead, Meditation, One Man Army
- Tote Bags: Dance Dance Dance and Evolove
- Prints: Never Look Back I and II
- Book: Now You've Done It
- Stickers and buttons galore!
- Button gift pack
- My soul

Signing Friday 5-6 Vinyl Toy Network event
Signing Saturday 4-5 at the ToyQube Booth 4937
mouse on rug
Oh and one last 'animal ass on rug' photo for you, thanks Daz!

In case you have a pet or person who needs a rug to rub their own butt on, they are all sold out at KidRobot but I have maybe 5 or 6 left in the dead zebra shop. If you're debating, you might want to snag one before the back to school rush.